Saturday, 28 January 2017

What is in a Model Bag?

  • A brush, hairdryer and a pair of scissors for a hairdresser.  
  • A car and driving license for a taxi cab driver.
  • A saw, hammer, nails and wood for a carpenter.
  • Cement, bricks and strength for a brick layer.

What do all these things have in common? 
They are the tools of the trade for each of the respective jobs. 

Modeling is no different to any other job, despite how outwardly glamorous and un-joblike it may seem to others, and a model needs the tools of her trade! 

Posing and walking techniques are key skills a model will most definitely need to be successful, but her other tools consist of the contents of her model bag!

So what is in a model bag you may wonder? 

Makeup, a hairbrush, charger and phone, black heels, nude lingerie and a black bikini are just some of the things a model drags around in her large purse or bag from casting and audition to go-see and job. 

To make sure you have all the contents you may need for shoots and castings contact 
The Model Educator for a one on one session where she can offer you practical advice and guidance based on her decade of experience as an international model so you turn up to castings prepared and looking professional!

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