Wednesday, 7 June 2017


When I first moved to the United Sates I used to avoid phone calls and only talk to people in person as I found some of the American accents hard to decipher without face to face contact, and the Americans had no idea what I was saying! To be fair where I am from in the UK we do use a lot of slang and most people wouldn't understand 'sommat' means 'something', and 'nowt' means 'nothing'!


        Trying to register my car and make sure I had all the correct legal papers was probably the most difficult thing I faced with a translation issue between British and American English. I had to start learning to translate the 'bonnet' to 'hood', 'boot' to 'trunk' and 'gear box' to 'transmission'! How tiring all that was!

Luckily photographers and models have their own language that is pretty much universal! You have your TFP shoots or 'trades', most likely after showing your digitals or port to the tog via your agent or at a go-see to be able to land the job. Once booked you turn up with a fresh face (didn't you know you don't take your own?) for the MUA or MUHA, and once you've wrapped and you finally get your tears you'll all be happy!

Confused? Did I lose you? Yeah. It's no wonder if you're new to this industry! No matter what profession one may go into there are always acronyms, slang words and jargon. Modeling is no different. Let The Model Educator ease you into the profession by educating you on terms commonly used in the modeling industry to get you one step ahead and more comfortable before you even start! Contact her today via the contact page for a one on one session catered to your individual needs. 

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